One of the main attractions of the Maltese jurisdiction is its ability to offer favourable tax structures for corporate clients especially in light of the numerous Double Taxation agreements it has secured with a number of countries. Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates assists both local and international clients in achieving the optimal tax structure, which will benefit their company. Its vast experience in this field enables it to offer this service in partnership with AEGIS Corporate Services Limited, the corporate services arm of the firm.
The firm offers services in relation to all aspects of Maltese Taxation laws, including both personal and corporate taxation. Non-conformity with taxation rules can prove to be exceedingly detrimental to a company. Thus the tax compliance services offered by us are imperative in ensuring an efficient tax processing system, which will contribute to its smooth running. The holistic review of the client’s tax structure provided by the team at Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates will certainly provide the client with a tailor-made solution appropriate for his own purposes.
The firm offers the following services in relation to Tax:
  • Tax efficient cross-border structures with a focus on inbound investment;
  •  Restructuring projects and tax planning structures; 
  •  Cross-border mergers; 
  •  Group restructuring; 
  •  Domestic and inter-national taxation; 
  • Advice to high net worth individuals on personal tax and financial issues and related companies, trusts and foundations; and 
  • Taxation requirements for citizenships and residence permits, VISAs and employment permits immigration law.
Malcolm qualified as a lawyer in 1995 and was engaged as an associate in one of Malta’s largest law firms. He branched out on his own in 1998 and participated in partnerships that developed into to Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates, which he co-founded with his brother Cedric in 2007. Malcolm has a vast experience in Civil and Commercial litigation and as a result has advised on a large range of legal issues to individuals, corporate structures and public institutions, whether in Malta or abroad.
Cedric Mifsud graduated as lawyer from the University of Malta in 2003 and was subsequently admitted to the bar in Malta. He later specialised in European Law particularly focus on Competition law. Upon qualifying he joined a leading firm in Malta as a litigation lawyer. In 2007 together with his brother, Malcolm, he co-founded Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates. Cedric set up the Corporate and Commercial Department of the firm making the firm one of the leading business law firms in Malta. Part of the Corporate and Commercial Department includes the Maritime Practice which has a considerable portfolio of Superyachts and Commercial Vessels.
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