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Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates have a diversified portfolio of international shipping and maritime practice and clients. The firm is structured and driven to provide a broad range of legal and ancillary advisory services to its local and international client portfolio which meet the highest professional standards. Malta being an island in the central part of the Mediterranean, south of Italy and north of the North African littoral, has always been a centre of trade with a maritime tradition. The comprehensive range of maritime service facilities which Malta now provides has significantly enhanced the island’s reputation as an important maritime service centre. Whilst Malta’s strong maritime tradition has meant that foreign vessels have long been registered in Malta, the last few years have seen the Island’s ship register develop swiftly to keep abreast with legal and technical developments which took place on the international maritime arena.

The choice of Flag for a vessel engaged in international trade may have important financial and legal implications on the vessel’s acquisition, maintenance, operation and disposal, a decision which surely cannot be taken lightly. Malta has ratified all the major maritime conventions. Moreover, since Malta’s accession to the EU in 2004, and as the administrator of the second largest ship registry in the EU, Malta has continued to give increasing and fundamental importance to safety of life at sea and the prevention of marine pollution to ensure that all Malta flagged vessels are operated to the highest safety and prevention of pollution standards. This has undoubtedly made the Malta Flag a Flag of Confidence amongst reputable ship owners, ship operators and ship financiers alike. Some of the advantages accruing to ship owners and ship operators whose vessel/s fly the Malta flag include an open register policy, tax exemptions and preferential treatment of Maltese ships in certain ports.

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Cedric Mifsud graduated as lawyer from the University of Malta in 2003 and was subsequently admitted to the bar in Malta. He later specialised in European Law particularly focus on Competition law. Upon qualifying he joined a leading firm in Malta as a litigation lawyer. In 2007 together with his brother, Malcolm, he co-founded Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates. Cedric set up the Corporate and Commercial Department of the firm making the firm one of the leading business law firms in Malta. Part of the Corporate and Commercial Department includes the Maritime Practice which has a considerable portfolio of Superyachts and Commercial Vessels.
François qualified as an Avocat (French lawyer) in 2016 and created the French Desk at Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates. He is now registered at the Bars of Paris and Malta. He is also presently a Marine Consultant, a listed Marine Surveyor at the Rouen Appeal’s Court, a Maritime Arbitrator at the ‘Chambre Arbitrale Maritime de Paris’, a Member of the Malta Arbitration Centre, and a member of the Malta Maritime Law Association.
Charlene obtained her Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree in 2016 and is currently reading for Master of Advocacy at the University of Malta. She joined Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates as a legal trainee in 2015 and is mainly responsible for vetting contracts, shipping registration, legal research and drafting, and other general corporate duties.
Jodie graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B Hons) from the University of Malta in 2021 and is currently sitting for a Master of Advocacy with the same University. Jodie joined Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates in 2021 as an intern with the Shipping Department tasked primarily with assisting in the registration of vessels, drafting of contracts and coordinating with the competent authorities, namely Transport Malta and clients.
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