Senior Associate
T: (+356) 27237172
Languages: Maltese, English, Italian, French
Greta qualified as a lawyer in 1997 and was engaged as an associate with a leading Maltese Legal firm. She later joined Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates in 2003. Greta has a vast experience in Family law and has over the years assisted several spouses in their separations, family issues, annulments and most recently their divorces. She also has experience in the Civil Law field. Greta has also been a judicial assistant since 2000 assisting Judges and Magistrates in research, collecting evidence and in drafting their judgements.
Between 2005 and 2010, Greta presided as a Commissioner to the Small Claims Tribunal.
She has also been Commissioner of Justice since 2010, serving before various Tribunals around Malta.
She has also been appointed company secretary to various state owned companies.
Professional Memberships
  • Chamber of Advocates 
  • World Link for Law
Malta’s unique hybrid system is the product of numerous influences coming in from different legal systems throughout the years. In our judicial system we thus witness civil law and common law practices working together with the recent EU laws introduced upon Malta’s accession in 2004.
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