Environmental Law
An effective regulatory framework for the regulation of waste, development planning and environmental protection is imperative, particularly with global environmental awareness on the rise. This has become increasingly important when one takes into account the limited land available in such a densely populated island, whereby one needs to strike a balance between the interests of both the developer and the public interest. This would ensure that the environment and historical heritage is safeguarded whilst allowing for land development to take place.
Given the complex system of environmental laws deriving from Maltese, European and International Regulations, it is imperative for all kinds of industries, ranging from multinational corporations to individual traders and consumers to obtain a proper understanding of such laws so as to safely avoid incidents giving rise to liability, civil or criminal claims. The adherence to such laws in turn reflects positively on companies who would be able to boast good governance and risk management through their performance, viability and sustainability.
Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates offers the following services in relation to Environmental law:
  • Regulatory Compliance; 
  • Licensing and Authorisation of environmental projects; 
  • Impact Assessments and the procurement of professional environmental Audits; 
  • Drafting of contracts and settlement agreements; 
  • Dispute resolutions; and 
  • Representation before the Malta Environmental and Planning Authority and other Government Agencies, Authorities, Boards or Tribunals.
Catherine graduated as lawyer in 2015 after submitting her thesis entitled “The Prospects of Compulsory Implementation of Occupational Retirement Schemes in Malta: A Socio-Legal Perspective” for which she was awarded The Professor David J. Attard best Doctor of Laws Theses Award 2015. She was admitted to the Maltese Bar and granted her warrant to practice as a lawyer in 2016.
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